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- We have a large amount of Truck & Trailer Parts in inventory at all times.

- We are always growing our inventory to suit our customer needs, as we feel it is very important to have what our customers require in their time of need. 

- Our truck parts showroom is the largest one of its kind in the area. Within the last year we have added some additional product lines to serve our customers better and we are always looking for Industry Leading Products. 

- There are many different products on the market and we try to be educated on as many as we can so we can offer the best products to you. 

We are proud to be part of the TRACTION franchise, but we have taken it to the next level! As an independent parts supplier previously, we have many more brands that we offer in the PARKLAND area than any other Traction store in Canada. We are constantly aligning ourselves with new suppliers to bring the best to you, our customer. If you do not see what you want, we will find it, source it or point you in the right direction to keep you rollin’!

Exclusive Brands to US


Parkland Favorites

Parkland Favorites


Our Inventory


Truck & Trailer Repair

- SGI accredited Inspection Station
- Air Conditioning Service
- Alignments
- Full Brake & ABS
- Driveline Repairs
- Electrical Repairs
- Engine Diagnostics
- Exhaust Repairs
- Oil Change & PM
- Suspension Repairs
- General Truck Repairs
- General Trailer Repairs

Whether your unit is old or new, we can keep your trucks and trailers on the road, making you money. We understand downtime is a huge cost, we will do our best to minimize that for you. “Your Truck, Our Priority “ is a model we live by, we will always try our best to manage your timelines when possible.

In our shop, we specialize in Truck & Trailer Repair, that is all. Our technicians are backed by schooling or by many years of experience working in the Truck & Transport Industry. Changes with technology and emissions are inevitable on new trucks, which is why we stay current and knowledgeable within our field of expertise.

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